Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Love Pictures!

I am Iron Man!
More pictures from the Brookfield Zoo playground...Thanks Auntie Kelly!
Slide Races with Josh - Guess whose little butt won.
Clark loving the swing in Gigi and Boompa's backyard
Another favorite pasttime - playing with the windchimes Take a close look at that little chin.
Clark took a tumble off of mom and dad's bed. Good thing the bed is only a foot from the floor!
Auntie Kelly and Josh invited us to Josh's school party at Jump Zone where they have all these inflatable slides and things. I think I liked it more than Clark. It's amazing that you can work up such a sweat going down slides. Here is Clark and I at the entrance to the Batman slide.
Clark testing out his sea legs
I love this picture!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Um, can I just be the first to say (on this post obviously) that his eyes are AMAZING!


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