Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Whole Month

This post is dedicated to my mom. Why? Not because she did anything great, but because she won't stop pestering me about how long it has been since I posted on the blog. Really, she sees all the pictures anyway...what is the difference if it is on the blog or not? Then she starts talking about all of the things that my friends are doing because they post on the blog. "Oh, you should see the new video of Clark Y." "Did you see Tara's new place in Australia?" "Melissa made a Chinese dragon, wasn't that neat?" "Steph is having a girl!"
So...Here's to you mom!
We visited Boompa's work. Clark wasn't as interested in the crane as Josh was. He likes pens and things that are in pockets.
Clark got his first haircut this month. Gigi did as fantastic job even with all of Clark's moving around.
Clark - all squeaky clean!
Clark also had his first experience with "real"food this month. He doesn't like it as much as I thought he would (given his ravenous appetite up until now!) So far his favorite food is a banana. Surprise, surprise!

Clark also went to the Shedd Aquarium this month. He was in awe the entire time. Mouth open, eyes wide. This snapping turtle was just waiting for someone like Clark to come by. Clark put his little hands on the glass and the turtle opened wide! Must have thought those little chubby fingers looked like worms.
Other highlights (not pictured)
Jason had surgery on his back and is doing well. Steph's wedding shower went off without a hitch and I now crave yogurt parfaits. We had a lovely Chinese New Year party, but not a photo to prove it. It's hard to be host and photographer. I also have a new (and very addictive) hobby: digital scrapbooking.


Melissa said...

HURRAH for Cathy! Someone had to say it! I found myself refreshing your blog on a daily basis just to make sure that my computer wasn't stuck again. Thanks for the update. So, how about that Dragon? At least your mom liked it!

Steph said...

Yay you blogged! You will have to tell me about this digital scrap booking. I am not into regular scrap booking, but digital looks like fun! I'm glad you are doing well.


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