Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Babymoon #2

We just got back from the cabin in Wisconsin. It was very relaxing. The shopping wasn't the best because the stores haven't put out their fall stuff yet...and I don't know exactly what will match best with my 2x4s and insulation paper. Hmmm, the choices. We rented a boat and Jason, Dave and Josh went tubing. My dad and I would have gone, but my dad couldn't because of the surgery and I couldn't because of, well, the belly. We still had fun watching them have fun! Ladderball and Rubik's cube were also popular activities.
Dave and Josh before the boat started...and then after - Bottoms up! Josh loved tubing. He loves the water. When he saw Jason get in the tube he was practically shaking with excitement to get out of the boat and jump in that tube. I've never seen a kid so NOT afraid of water.


Anonymous said...

Looks like we had a great time - and we did. Love Mom

Derek & Kristine said...

Mary- you look SO good! Why aren't you carrying that baby in your cheeks??


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