Friday, September 01, 2006

Does It Get Any Worse?

Monday night Jason and I went to the grocery store. It doesn't really matter where we went, it only matters that we were in the car. On the way home, Jason's gum falls out of his mouth and he can't find it. We both forget about the gum. Until...Tuesday morning. I get in the car with my black pants.On my way to work I feel something on the back of my pant leg. I think it is the gum! I call Jason and tell him in very stern words that I found his gum from the night before. He tries to say that it isn't his gum and he only had a very little piece. Blah, blah, blah. I get to work and go to the kitchen to get an ice cube to try and get it off my pants. There I am in the bathroom. It isn't gum. It's dog poop and it is all over my pants, all over my shoes, and all over my hands. I couldn't smell anything in the car because I have a cold. I washed off my pants and shoes and hands hoping that I wouldn't smell for the rest of the day (Listen to the students...Mrs. Wilde smells like crap.). While I was cleaning up, I realized that on the way to work, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts and had a donut not realizing that I had poopy hands. YUCK!


Tara said...

Now the question we all have is how on earth did so much fecal matter end up on the seat of your car, and how did you not see it?

Great story, Mary. It's up for running with Melissa's story on playing dumb.

Steph said...

Ha Ha Mary, your story made me laugh! I miss you and your sassy personality. Where are you working now? I was telling Amy the other day and I couldn't remember. Hope you are doing well!!


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