Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Labor Day Weekend!

We had such a great weekend! Yard work and food. I think that is the reality of life as a homeowner. Someday we will be able to enjoy our yard and our house. We are at least rid of those pesky stumps in the front yard. Monique (a friend made in Taiwan) came out this weekend and it was great to see her again. We dined at Flat Top Grill across the street from Harpo Studios. No Oprah sightings though. This was our last weekend before school sets in...Jason is taking classes at the hall and I will be student teaching - Yikes! Finally I have the pictures of Cutlass that I promised!


Anonymous said...

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Rob, Melissa and Madelyn said...

I'm so glad you added another post - I check back every day only to see Canada: America's Hat. Have you checked out the other comment on your post? I would totally look into his pharmacy if I were you. He thinks your blog is fantastic. He obviously has good taste.

Rob, Melissa and Madelyn said...

I was reading the book you made for me last night, (this has nothing to do with your blog by the way..) and I read the joke about the Napervillan in my bath tub - cleaning up his act. I laughed for almost an hour. What a terrible, yet truly hillarious joke. I had totally forgotten that one. Good times. Do you think the Pharmacy guy has come back yet like he promised?

Anonymous said...

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