Thursday, October 04, 2012

I've Been Crafting

It's that time of year when I start crafting! I may have the motivation to create tutorials for these, but maybe not. I created them all with just a picture, so you might be able to also. 

Here's a photo board that was inspired by a photo board that we saw at the Odeum craft show. Then I found one online by good old Martha Stewart. She does have a tutorial for her board - though it is much bigger. The one I made is approx. 18x22. I think I have a little too much bend in my pics, so I might trim the pics down a little. 

This was a craft we saw on Pinterest. I did find a tutorial here also. I made mine with 8x8 shadowboxes found at Michael's. I created the vinyl design on my own based on the one I saw. Oh I think it's so cute!

I loved the Jingle All the Way shadowbox and thought there might be a way to make it a little more Christ-centered for Christmas. So I came up with this idea. I bought a woodgrain scrapbook paper and applied the vinyl manger to it. The vinyl lettering is on the outside of the glass. I used raffia as the straw.

I love the idea of fabric covered magnet boards. They are a lot of fun and the magnets are so easy to make. I made both marble and bottlecap magnets. I thought I would like the bottlecap ones better that I do. But it was worth a shot. We're going to hang this in the boys' room.

My safety pin beaded Christmas tree ornament! I love this little thing. It was a bear to try to figure out, but I did it! I'm most likely going to post a tutorial for this one. I'm also going to use red ribbon...that way it will stand out a bit more. This is my grown up version of this Oriental Trading kit. It's just so cute!


Melissa said...

You kill me.

I haven't crafted, well...ever.

When are you finding the time to just whip these adorable things up?

Anonymous said...

Where did you find that adorable manger? Love it!

Anonymous said...

That is so adorable! Where did you find the manger and fonts?

Unknown said...

The manger was from a image search of "manger silhouette". I cleaned up the image in Photoshop Elements and used my Silhouette to cut the vinyl. The fonts were just some that I had on my computer. I'm not exactly sure what fonts they were. Sorry! Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! :)


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